Monday, November 07, 2005

Day 1 Lahore

We arrive in Lahore in the morning of 12 July 2005 around 7:30 am. My friend's brother (Naseer) where waiting for me there.
Weather was a bit warmer, but less warmer then i expected.
Naseer took us to the hotel, actually he wanted us to stay in his house, but we said that we have hotel aready booked. One the way to hotel in his car, he asked if we aready have breakfast, he acutally proposed us to have a very Lahori style breakfast, which is Paayai(foot of lamb) plus Naan plus Lassi. I looked at the Ignacio, it was hard to say No... , we didnt want to miss any single chance to be closer to with the culture and taste of food.

Food was good, portion was very big, and just in the middle of the breakfast, Nasir asked... so whats the plan for lunch...., me and Ignacio looked at each other, and i said in my mind... was'nt this is a lunch. Lahori is fond of eating, and there food is delicious and portion is very big.

We could not forget the hospatility of Nasir and his brother, he offered us his new car for two days, plus one of his friend who was our tourist guide plus driver.
We spent two days in Lahor, we pay 2000 Rs for a bed room, with two single bed(1000 Rs each including breakfast), hotel name was "shadman palace", quite nice place.

Many sights in Lahore go back to the times of the Moghul Emperors. Lahore has its own red Fort, one of the biggest Mosques in the subcontinent and some beautiful gardens. Many sights in Lahore go back to the times of the Moghul Emperors, so visiting this city really took me to the times of Mogul Emperors who rule the subcontinet for almost three centuries. Lahore for sure is the Cultural Capital of Pakistan


Blogger zaira said...

your pics are too cool and nice!!! Z

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Blogger zaira said...

i have a great craze to visit those places which you have you have shown! i love those pics.. Z

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Blogger vern said...

Spectacular views. Thanks for sharing your travel experience and pictures. It is amazing. I am always fascinated with this reign.

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