Thursday, November 24, 2005


view of Hunza valley
Ultar Mountain

LadyFinger mountain and ulter peak. Ultar peaks, still unclimbed. Many peple lost there lives in attempt to climb it, we saw some memorial of 2 Japanese climber who died in an climbing attempt.

An intresting and most beutiful place in Hunza valley where it is possible to see many highy mountains line, ladyfinger, ultar peak, golden peak and rakaposhi. this place is called "view point"

Memorial of Japanese climbers. They are also burried there
Golden peak, this peak get its name because during the sunset, the last ray of sun make the peak completely golden
Rakaposhi mountian(7788m high). Rakaposhi, is one of the most magnificent peak found in the world today. It is situated near the town of Gilgit and with a height of 7,788m/25,551ft it is easily climable from all sides

Eleventh-century Baltit Fort, located 2,800 m above the sea level in Himalayan peaks


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