Tuesday, November 29, 2005

China Kashgar

We stayed 4 days in Kashgar, this place is an intense mix of chinese and Uygur culture. It is very intresting to see the vibrant Muslim centre within Chinese territory. Kashgar is a important hub on the Old Silk Road. It is the largest oasis city in Chinese Central Asia and 90 per cent of its population are Uygur. Kashgar Has a history of more than 2'000 years.
Even though the culture and old heritage is fading away very quickly or it is better to say that Kashgar is become more commercial. Chinese and Uygur does not mix too much, Chinese and Uygur dominant places and saperated in this city. we have been visiting both chinese and Uygur areas and enjoyed the food and historical places.

Sheesh Kabab restaurant .... very cheap and extremely delicious. in average we spent 1 USD for two person for a big meal

Spicy and dry froot shop

A house in Old town in Kashgar(you need to pay some money to enter to the old town of Kashar, plus a guided tour .. of course the guid didnt speak any english)

Some children in old town

Old town view

Bazar in Kashgar on the way to Id Kah Mosque

Old town

People's park, Statue of Mao

Old town

A home in old town

Id Kah Mosque, it was built in 1442

Some history of Id Kah Mosque

Inside of Id Kah Mosque, around 20,000 people can worship

Id Kah mosque

Id Kah mosque


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